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Menu: Land Thai Kitchen

Phone: (212) 501-8121

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Chicken Wraps  $5.50
Roasted tomato, cilantro, lettuce and toasted coconut
Root Vegetable Spring Rolls $4
Parsnip, carrot, beet, lotus root glass noodles with plum sauce 
Shrimp Parcels $5.50
Crispy wonton skin wrapped shrimp mousse with sesame seed, and kaffir lime curd 
Crispy Calamari  $6.50
Marinated calamari with fresh herbs and chili peanut sauce

Vegetable Dumplings $5.50
Shitake mushroom, sweet corn, tofu, spinach, peanut, garlic chip and sesame soy
Chicken Curry Puff  $5.50
Caramelized chicken with potato, parsnip, almond and cucumber relish 
Satay Sampler $6
Grilled combination of beef, lamb and chicken on skewer with peanut sauce  
Mixed Appetizers  $7.50
Shrimp parcels, chicken curry puffs and vegetable dumplings with three dipping sauces  


Organic Greens  $5.50
Mixed greens, breakfast radish with tangerine vinaigrette

Land Salad $6
Roasted beet, romaine, pea shoot, tofu crouton with peanut dressing
Green Papaya Salad $5.50
Julienne green papaya, cashew nut, tomato, long bean, and lime segment  
Pungent Beef Salad $7.50
Grilled beef, watercress, apple, dried chili, toasted rice and lime juice


Shrimp Lemongrass "Tom Yum Goong"  $4
Lemongass broth, kaffir lime leaves, wild mushroom and cilantro
Chicken Galangal Soup  $4
Chicken coconut milk broth, with wild mushrooms and chives

Main Plates

Red Snapper "Pla Lad Pik"  $18
Crispy boneless whole fish, cherry tomato, bok choy and three flavors sauce 
- served with jasmine rice - 
Atlantic Salmon $15
Baked salmon with bean paste, napa cabbage, snow peas with caramel sauce
- served with jasmine rice -
Grilled Skirt Steak $16
Marinated beef, sauteed cauliflower and string bean with sesame garlic sauce
- served with jasmine rice -

Pan Seared Duck Breast  $17
Sweet potato: yu choy with lime leaves demi glace and chili jam
- served with jasmine rice -

Salmon Rice  $11
Stir-fry grilled salmon with brown rice, snow peas, taro root and chive

From The Wok
- served with jasmine rice - 

Wok Charred Squid $10
Chili-garlic puree, Thai basil, long bean, Thai chili and black peppercorn

Wok Vegetable Medley with Tofu $9
Napa cabbage, baby corn, snow peas, broccoli, tomato with ginger-garlic sauce 
Massaman Curry with Lamb $11
Potato, pearl onion, peanut, string bean, carrot and coconut milk  
Wok Cashew Nut with Shrimp $11
Water chestnut, onion, dried chili, cashew nut, scallion, chili plum sauce

Wok Basil with Beef $11
Long bean, red pepper, chili-garlic puree and Thai basil sauce 
Green Curry with Chicken $10
Bamboo shoot, eggplant, pepper, thai basil, cilantro in coconut milk broth
Wok Shrimp Ginger  $11
Red onion, scallion, Asian celery and roasted garlic sauce

From the Wok substitutions are available with
shrimp l lamb l beef $11
chicken l squid $10
vegetables & tofu $9

Noodle and Rice

Pad Thai with Shrimp $10
Pad Thai noodles, egg, bean sprout, tofu, chopped peanut with tamarind sauce 
Drunken Noodle with Chicken $9
Wheat noodles, tomato, thai basil, water chestnut, bok choy, chili puree  

Pad See Ew with Beef $10
Rice noodles, egg, chinese broccoli, cauliflower, yellow bean and dark soy sauce 
Chicken Fried Rice $9
Egg, chinese broccoli, golden raisin, scallion cherry tomato and light soy  9
Jungle Curry Fried Rice  $9
Long bean, red pepper, chili-garlic puree and Thai basi sauce

Noodl & Rice substitutions are available with
shrimp l beef  $10
chicken  $9
Vegetable & tofu  $9


Pea Tendrils  $4
Stir-fry snow pea shoots with garlic and scallion
Steamed Vegetables $4
Steamed vegetable medley with sea salt
Spicy Potato $3.50
Sauteed red bliss potato with Thai chili and scallion 
Brown Rice   $1.50
Steamed brown rice with ginger and herbs
Sticky Rice   $1.50
Jasmine Rice   $1
Peanut Sauce   $1


Thai Coffee Creme Brulee $6
with vanilla foam

Warm Chocolate Cake  $6
with lotus seed pandan sauce and black sesame ice cream

Baked Taro Custard  $6
with coconut, palm sugar and pistachio ice cream





Land Thai Kitchen

PLEASE NOTE: All menu items and prices are subject to change.

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