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Bavaria Bierhaus

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Bavaria Bierhaus

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Address: 19 S William St
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10004
Phone: (212) 480-8142
Map: Map
Cuisine: German
2nd Cuisine:
Area: Financial District
Takeout: Yes


Very soon, Stone Street’s Bavaria Bierhaus will introduce a new menu that should make it a go-to destination for beer and meat-lovers who find themselves in the Financial District for any reason. A simple to read and easy to understand beer pairing is illustrated for every item on the dinner menu, with lighter drinks accompanying lighter fare, and heavier drinks doing the same for serious food. I started my meal with a bit of crispy spatzel before diving into the burger portion of the evening. I was greatly rewarded with a delicious side dish, though spatzel is really hard to screw up.

Bavaria’s burger features crispy pork belly, topped with a beef short rib patty from Pat La Freida, shallot confit, pickled tomato, bibb lettuce, and Bavarian Swiss cheese on a pretzel bun. The pickled tomato is now my official go-to method for serving tomato on a burger. It was delicious, thin sliced, and produced a wonderful pickle flavor without any of the typical tomato mess. The pretzel bun was a delight, as was the wonderfully grilled patty. The pork belly was much better executed here than it was on the burger that I ate last week, but I still think that less is more when it comes to this burger add-on. It did indeed pair well with my Kistritzer Schwarbier, a nutty, smokey, hoppy beverage.

I can easily recommend you spend your winter pairing your beer with meat at Bavaria Bierhaus. Get the spatzel, and let me know what the other entrees on the right side of the menu are like.

Review By: Brad Garoon