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Bondi Road

This restaurant is closed!

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Bondi Road

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Address: 153 Rivington Street
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10002
Phone: (212) 253 5311
Site: Visit the restaurant site
Map: Map
Cuisine: Australian
2nd Cuisine: Fish 'n Chips
Area: Lower East Side



Surf's Up at Bondi Road, named after the road leading to a famous Australian beach. Inside you can watch surfers hang ten as you hang onto one of their many infused rums and vodka drinks with names like Bondi Breeze and Sand In Your Pants. We sampled one too many on our visit, given all the free tastes we were offered. And that brings us to the food. The restaurant opened with a $25 day tasting menu with plans to expand. But I must say it's an excellent deal. We started with an oyster shooter. Think of an oyster at the bottom of a bloody mary with a shot of stoli on top. That's an oyster shooter and a very dangerous thing. The shrimp cocktail is probably the weakest item on the tasting menu. It reminded me of shrimp salad instead of a cocktail. All it needed was some diced celery. But that said, it was very fresh and I cleaned my glass down to the bed of shredded lettuce. The final appetizer was a Summer crab wrap, lump crab with bits of avocado and fresh herbs. Very yummy indeed. At this point they ask if you need a break. Another cocktail perhaps? I marched on, but loved the fact that I wasn't being rushed out the door. Next, it was onto the fish. The daily menu boasts red snapper, but this night we were treated to Barramundi, something I've never tried before and I must say it was the freshest piece of fish I've tasted in a long time, each bite verging on a sexual experience. The peppery Tasmanian Ocean Trout was a close second, served over a sweet chili relish. The last fish we sampled was grilled New Zealand Blue Nose nestled atop a mix of cucumber, spanish onion and radish. At this point I was thoroughly stuffed, but still managed to finish dessert which is included in this $25 feast. We were treated to Mom's Pavlova, a creamy Australian dessert topped with bits of papaya and kiwi. But the real show-stoppers are the Lamingtons, small squares of sponge cake dipped in chocolate and then coated with coconut. My bartender, Dan, who guided me through the entire meal, assured me that they were the best he's tasted. And I believe him. So grab your flip-flops and head to Bondi Road where the surf is up and food and crowd is hot!

Review By: Sam Sayegh