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Burgers & Cupcakes

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Burgers & Cupcakes

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Address: 458 Ninth Ave (36th St)
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10018
Phone: (212) 643-1200
Map: Map
Cuisine: Burgers
2nd Cuisine: Bakery
Area: West 30s


If you've ever had the desire to eat a burger and the wash it down with a cupcake, well, we've found the perfect spot. Mitchel London Foods has opened Burgers & Cupcakes in a spot that has the feel of fast-food... with a gourmet touch. There are six burger types on the menu, including; beef, turkey, lemon grilled chicken, portobella mushroom and veggie. The burgers, which run $5.95, come with your choice of toppings ($1 each) from assorted cheeses (including blue and goat cheese) to double thick bacon and cranberry sauce. We opted for a salmon burger that arrived thick and moist. It's served with lettuce, tomato, a crisp slice of red onion. It's freshly prepared, not frozen, and the salmon on our visit was not the least bit fishy. In other words, we loved it, along with the freshly cut french fries. That brings us to the cupcakes. You don't want to leave before trying one of the jumbo sized chocolate frosted cupcakes. I'm not a chocoholic, but even I loved the semi-sweet frosting. In fact, I wound up fighting for one of the last two remaining on the counter. Customers trailing behind us were visibly shaken that there were no more left for the day. That's how good they are. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the strawberry cupcakes, which match the pink walls, and pale in comparison. You may also want to skip the mini-cupcakes (unless you're on a diet). We were charged the same price, 2 bucks, and you'll want the extra bites!

Review By: Sam Sayegh