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Chow Bar

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Chow Bar

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Address: 230 W Fourth St (at W 10th St)
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10014
Phone: (212) 633-2212
Map: Map
Cuisine: New American
2nd Cuisine: Asian
Area: West Village


The West Village is all of the sudden one of the hottest destination spots around. From the opening of Morandi, to the little gem they call The Little Owl, and the recently reinvented, and quite exclusive, Ye Waverly Inn, this part of town is hopping. Which brings us to a spot that some may say helped get the ball rolling. The Chow Bar on West 4th Street continues to lure a stylish crowd with its sake sangria and watermelon martinis, laying the path for others to follow while still going strong itself. I recently found myself at the bar sipping a potent rum drink called a Typhoon ($10), which resembles a mojito, while nibbling on crispy spring rolls ($8) with a red chile dipping sauce and a side of spicy lobster fried rice ($12), with large chunks of lobster, that could easily serve as a meal. Other items on the menu worth noting; barbecued spare ribs ($10) with a honey plum glaze, Szechuan Black Angus steak ($23) cooked in a soy chile sauce, seared tuna ($19) with a plum vinaigrette, and Mandarin duck pancakes (Sundays) served with a cucumber papaya salad. But it's really not the food that brings people here. It's the good vibe you get the minute you walk in the door.

Review By: Thomas Rafael