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Address: 79 Clinton St
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10002
Phone: (917) 388-3575
Site: Visit the restaurant site
Map: Map
Cuisine: American
2nd Cuisine:
Area: Lower East Side
Takeout: Yes


Clancey on the Lower East Side is known for its cocktails, like Drunk at Gray's Papaya and the Huckleberry Hound.  It's also known for "fun stuff" like butterbean hummus, "yesterday" lo mein, and "something wrapped in bacon on a toothpick." We'll keep you guessing. There is the "obligatory" burger with fried onions and lemon pecorino fries, along with "chicken under a brick" and skirt steak with smashed fingerling potatoes.  Desserts include butterscotch brownies and a daily selection of fruit pies.  

- Thomas Rafael