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Financier Patisserie

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Financier Patisserie

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Address: 983 First Avenue (54th St)
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10022
Phone: (212) 419-0100
Map: Map
Cuisine: Bakery
2nd Cuisine: Desserts
Area: West 50s


54th Street and First Avenue may not sound like a destination spot, but the Financier Patisserie on the corner makes it worth a visit. Peter Poulakakos and Eric Bedoucha have taken their baked goods uptown after finding much success on Wall Street.

But really, what's not to love. The place is spotless and the desserts are impeccable. I don't think there's a neighborhood in the city that wouldn't want one on their corner. The most difficult part of our trip was deciding what to eat.

We sampled four pastries; a Fraisier, which looks like a cross between a Napoleon and strawberry shortcake. It was loaded with plump berries and mousseline on a vanilla biscuit with a square of dark chocolate on top. It was beautiful and delicious. Then, there was the pear tart smothered in almond cream and circled with almond slices. Easily shared by two, but you'll want to eat it solo. A cheesecake dome was light and fluffy, garnished with fresh rasberries and candied lemon peel. And then there's the chocolate rasberry tart that any chocolate lover would simply die for.

You'll also find an assortment of eclairs and petit fours, along with full size cakes and tarts ranging from $14 to $40 dollars.

The shop also serves breakfast and lunch, including fresh muffins, quiche, frittata, salads and sandwiches.

And don't leave without trying one of the financiers. The plump finger cakes ($1.50) in plain or chocolate are perfect for a snack just about anytime.