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Address: 198 9th Ave (22nd St)
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10011
Phone: (646) 336-6888
Site: Visit the restaurant site
Map: Map
Cuisine: Japanese
2nd Cuisine: Bakery
Area: Chelsea
Takeout: Yes


HARBS Coffee and Cake is a Japanese bake shop in Chelsea serving up cakes with lots of fresh fruit, cream fillings, and yes, even booze. We were drawn in by a triple layer strawberry "cream puff" cake made with sweet strawberries, custard and pastry cream, along with layers of flaky cream puff pastry. It's a stunner and tastes as good as it looks. Slices sell for ten bucks a pop. It comes with its own chill pack to keep it cool during the trip home. Other desserts include a mille crepe cake, baked cheesecake with blueberry jam, banana cream pie, strawberry mousse, Sakura cake with pressed flowers, and strawberry shortcake. - Thomas Rafael