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Kathy's Dumplings

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Kathy's Dumplings

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Address: 7924 3rd Avenue (80th St)
City: Brooklyn, NY
Zip: 11209
Phone: (718) 833-7000
Mon-Sat 9:30 am - 8:30 pm
Closed Sundays

Site: Visit the restaurant site
Map: Map
Cuisine: Dumplings
2nd Cuisine:
Area: Bay Ridge
Takeout: Yes


What's better than fresh dumplings? Not much in my book.  So, it was great to see a  spot dedicated to these pockets of goodness in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Sure there are plenty of Chinese take-out joints in the area. But fresh dumplings?  No. And the dumplings at Kathy's are so GOOD it's like having a bit of Chinatown without having to travel to Chinatown.

Each dumpling is made with care in-house and are available steamed or fried. In fact, at times you can catch them making the dumplings by hand. Pork dumplings are everything you'd expect from a dumpling; delicious bits of pork in a savory sauce with Chinese chives, while the beef dumplings have a more meaty flavor.  Seafood dumplings feature both shrimp and scallops with bits of veggies mixed in. Other combinations include pork with shrimp, chicken & pork, and pork & egg. And they're sold at prices that won't bust the budget making this a great spot for youg families with kids.

Aside from dumplings, you will also find juicy pork buns, beef pies made with thin slices of beef and  caramalized onions on a fried bun (excellent), and scallion pancake wraps with your choice of vegetable or beef. There are cold noodles with cucumber and Chinese parsley, or Korean-style buckwheat noodles with marinated beef and kimchi.  Soups include hot & sour, bean curd and wonton. They also offer a chilled Korean soup that is out of this world.

Kathy's Dumplings is also making bubble teas in flavors like green tea, coconut and peach with tapioca pearls.  Other drinks include passion fruit with jelly and taro flavored milk.  Space is tight with just three small tables and counter seating available.  But we'd recommend squeezing in!

Review By: Thomas Rafael