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Lucky 777 Chili

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Lucky 777 Chili

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Address: 116 MacDougal St
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10012
Phone: (212) 777-2422
Site: Visit the restaurant site
Map: Map
Cuisine: Chili
2nd Cuisine:
Area: Greenwich Village
Takeout: Yes
Delivery: Yes


Lucky 777 Chili is a tiny shop on MacDougal Street. It has only a few counter seats, an open section where chili being prepared, and a very weak air conditioner. This isn’t the kind of place to take a leisurely lunch. Luckily, service is fast, the restaurant delivers, and there are several parks nearby. 

Lucky 777 makes 3 kinds of chili – pork, vegetarian, and turkey. All the ingredients are locally sourced when available, and the batches are made each day.
The chili comes in a wide variety of options – in a sourdough bread bowl, on a hot dog, in a taco, or on nachos. Also, treat yourself to the complimentary toppings: cheese, vegetables, sour cream, even freshly made habanero relish all come free with your order.

Pork Chili is zesty and well-rounded, with tender beans, sweet tomatoes, and hunks of juicy pork. It would be ideal with cool sour cream and some raw onions.  The blend of 7 cuts of pork and 7 spices results in a bright, zippy sauce that has of citrusy cayenne heat, sweet undertones from honey or molasses, and the savory scent of cumin. It is decidedly traditional.  Vegetarian Chili uses 7 beans and a plethora of spices to a complex and satisfying effect. It manages to avoid standard boring vegetarian chili by using different beans – toothsome, creamy, and meaty all collide here with smoky chipotle and fragrant coriander.  Chili Fries come with sweet potato wedges that are crisp and baked to order in a special convection oven-like device. Ladles of vegetarian chili rendered the fries saucy in spots while remaining crisp in others. Mozzarella cheese melts into luxurious strings. The final touch is some fruity, spicy habanero relish.

The shop-cum-restaurant truly delivers  It only dishes out one thing, served in several variations. It just happens to do it perfectly. The price is right, the location is great for a night after the bars, and the food is tasty.

Review By: Sarah Spigelman