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Mile End

This restaurant is closed!

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Mile End

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Address: 53 Bond Street (Bowery)
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10012
Phone: (212) 529-2990
Site: Visit the restaurant site
Map: Map
Cuisine: Jewish
2nd Cuisine: Delicatessen
Area: Lower East Side
Takeout: Yes


If you've ever been to Mile End in Brooklyn you probably endured a long line and cramped quarters for a taste of their Canadian-style smoked brisket.  But the experience at their new digs on the Lower East Side is just the opposite.  The space is open and airy with tiled walls and a long jagged counter down the center of the room.  It's standing only, but maybe in the future they'll add some stools or tables outside.

After a quick glance at the menu plastered on the wall above the counter, I settled on the house special; a smoked meat sandwich ($12) with a side of coleslaw ($3) and iced tea (no beer or wine at the time of this writing) and then I laid claim to a spot at the counter and waited for my name to be called.  The wait, I must say, was made easier by the nice assortment of rock music playing.

Soon I heard my name. My sandwich arriving with bright pink brisket piled high. The meat is lean with a nice smoky flavor and a thick crust of spices wrapped around the edges. It's served on two soft slices of rye that is made daily in house. I loaded it up with some spicy mustard and all I can say is that each bite was filled with smoky goodness. Mile End is also serving up The Ruth Wilensky made with fried beef salami and mustard on an onion roll ($8), smoked lamb sausage on a zatar roll ($10) and chopped liver with pickled egg, duck jus and parlsey salad atop a pletzel.  If a sandwich isn't your thing, try some homemade matzo ball soup, beet gazpacho or maybe a dandelion salad with smoked potato and preserved lemon.

Breakfast is also being served with traditional Jewish deli favorites like a "bagel and schmear" ($3), lox, cream cheese & capers on a bagel which they call the "Beauty" ($10), and a breakfast burger made with veal sausage, easy egg, apple butter and maple syrup on an English muffin ($12).

while Mile End wasn't jam-packed the day we visited, I imagine it soon will be once the word gets out.  So, for now let's keep it our little secret.

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Review By: Thomas Rafael