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Mini Thai Cafe

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Mini Thai Cafe

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Address: 105 Avenue A
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10009
Phone: (212)533-2928
Site: Visit the restaurant site
Map: Map
Cuisine: Thai
Area: East Village
Entree Price: $10-15
Takeout: Yes
Delivery: Yes


Thai food is always a crowd-pleaser, but it’s even better if it’s a stone’s throw away from Thompkins Square Park in the East Village, where it’s fun to watch people of all kinds stroll by. I have never seen the place particularly full, which makes it an ideal place to have a good meal without dealing with a lot of noise. As you enter the small cafe, the hostess is all smiles as she sits you. I’ve seen people with dogs eat there—they usually stay at the tables near the large window, through which the leashes are passed through and safely tied.
The Mini Thai Cafe is remarkable for its large portions. For about $8, you get almost two servings’ worth of Pad thai. Their curries also come in big bowls that are either meant to be shared, or to be eaten when you are really hungry. Even the chef’s signature dishes come at a pretty decent price—from $10 to $14—and you get mouth watering dishes such as sautéed shrimp, grilled duck, and sesame chicken.
The service is not only friendly, but fast. The staff almost have a sixth sense for knowing when a diner needs something.  And all the food is prepared fresh. If you’re at a loss as to which restaurant to go to in the busy East Village, the Mini Thai Cafe is an excellent choice.

Review By: Cat Young