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New York Pćo de Queijo

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New York Pćo de Queijo

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Address: 34-01 30th St
City: Queens, NY
Zip: 11106
Phone: (718) 204-1979
Site: Visit the restaurant site
Map: Map
Cuisine: Brazilian
2nd Cuisine: Burgers
Area: Astoria
Entree Price: <$10
Takeout: Yes
Delivery: Yes


New York Pão de Queijo claims to be “The Original Brazilian Flavor” and it does not disappoint. This tiny restaurant sits one block away from the Broadway subway station in Astoria, Queens.  When you walk in you are instantly met with a counter filled with different Brazilian desserts. After ordering you enter a small dining area with wooden chairs and tables. The TV has a Portuguese channel playing.  You don’t go to this place for the decor, but you do stay for the food.

The popular dish is the X Tudo burger. It is everything you would expect from a burger while adding ham, bacon, egg, calabresa, corn and potato sticks to the mix. This creates a pleasurable and surprisingly clean-tasting burger for the price of $8.50. The fries, while less impressive, are decent albeit on the greasy side.  At New York Pão de Queijo they also make fresh juices that put more commercial South American places to shame.  Here you can taste fresh fruit in each sip.
Overall, New York Pão de Queijo is an affordable place to eat in Astoria whether you’re eating in or taking out.  With good food and service, the restaurant does not stray from its Brazilian roots, making  for a pleasant dining experience. New York Pão de Queijo also offers coupons on Groupon quite frequently which is an absolute bargain for size of the meal.

Review By: Stephen Zimkouski