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Address: 245 W 51st St (Bway & 8th)
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10019
Phone: (347) 961-8950
Site: Visit the restaurant site
Map: Map
Cuisine: Noodle Shops/Bars
2nd Cuisine: Sushi
Area: West 50s
Takeout: Yes
Delivery: Yes


In Times Square, where good ramen can be hard to come by, Nippori fits the bill. The restaurant is modest with a few private booth and samurai head gear proudly displayed. While the menu features sushi, sashimi and rolls, we were here for the ramen. After first devouring a plate of excellent sauteed pig cheeks served with pickled red onions for crunch we moved on to the Samurai Ramen. The broth, made from pork bones, is rich and creamy. The bowl is filled with slices of braised pork, clotted egg, onions & scallions, bean sprouts and nori on a tangle of thin ramen noodles served perfectly al dente. My only regret is all of the slurping ruined one of my favorite shirts. But that's the price of good ramen.

- Thomas Rafael