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Restaurant Forte Baden Baden

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Restaurant Forte Baden Baden

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Address: 28 West 32nd St (2nd fl)
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10001
Phone: (212) 714-2266
Map: Map
Cuisine: Korean
2nd Cuisine: Rotisserie Chicken
Area: West 30s
Entree Price: $15-20


When you think of Korean food you might envision kimchi and barbecue, not fried chicken and Belgian beer. But that's exactly what you will find at this wonderful spot in K-town. First, let me say the owners and staff at Baden Baden are extremely warm and hospitable hosts. Secondly, walking inside you might think you're in American sports bar and that's exactly the feeling the owners are looking to project; a place where you feel comfortable hanging out and chatting while chowing down on some of the best chicken in the city. Baden Baden chicken is well seasoned and cooked rotisserie style before being deep fried, which gives it an added crunch while keeping all of the flavors of the rotisserie. It's amazing! It comes in two sizes ($14.94/lg and $18.95/jumbo) and is served up with crispy fries, huge chunks of garlic and cubes of sweet pickled radishes (which are also quite addictive). At the bar you'll find traditional Korean drinks, like soju and sake, alongside pitchers of beer. And believe me everyone is having a great time. We loved the chicken at Baden Baden so much, we'd put it up there with other great chicken spots in the city like Pio Pio. Once you taste it you'll know what I mean.

Review By: Thomas Rafael