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Room 4 Dessert

This restaurant is closed!

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Room 4 Dessert

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Address: 17 Cleveland Place (Kenmare St)
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10012
Phone: (212) 941-5405
Map: Map
Chef: Will Goldfarb
Cuisine: Desserts
2nd Cuisine: Wine Bars
Area: Lower East Side


Enter this sexy hideaway and get ready to explore. Couples and groups snuggling up to the bar for some designer drinks and sweets. What better way to spend or end a night? From a white chocolate margarita to 'ma cherie', a drink made with morello cherry puree, patron anejo and smoked salt, Room 4 Dessert will definitely titillate your senses. The menu is actually a mixture of desserts, mixed drinks, champagne and fine wines. Precilla, the bartender, made us a delightful mango planter. Here's what went into it: Mango Puree Pyrat Rum Amaretto Splash of soda water and taragon leaves (yes, taragon) It was wonderfully refreshing. Precilla, by the way, is the sweetest woman you are ever going to meet. As for the dessert, Chef Will Goldfarb isn't afraid to go out on a limb with some of his concoctions like his version of 'sushi', made with praline, marshmallow, pate de fruit and chocolate. Or, with his 'infance', a mix of grosse meringue, cotton candy, milk, and 'lucky charms'. Finally, food that's innovative, doesn't take itself entirely seriously and is fun. Make sure you save Room 4 Dessert!

Review By: Sam Sayegh