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Address: 171 E Broadway
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10002
Phone: (212) 933-1176
Tue-Sat 6pm-Midnight

Site: Visit the restaurant site
Map: Map
Chef: Nick Curtin
Cuisine: Bar Food
2nd Cuisine: Snacks
Area: Lower East Side


If there’s one thing that I love more than burger blogs, and almost as much as burgers themselves, it’s burger clubs.  Thanks to Burger Weekly, I’ve had the opportunity to dine with a handful of bonafide burger-loving packs in the last few years. Last week, I was a guest of the Cheapo Deluxe Society, a group of six friends who have been chowing down on burgers once a month for the last few years. I’ll talk more about this group specifically in my piece about burger clubs next week, but I must say that I was pleased to find that all of them were as hungry for burgers (and more of Rosette’s offerings) as I was.

Thanks to a long post-work walk and a pair of old fashioneds, my notes of this meal leave the impression that my mind was blurry. Still, a few things stand out. I was unreasonably excited for the apple bacon brioche (more appropriately, sweet brioche with bacon butter) and was pleased as punch with what was served. The wild mushroom flatbread was a big hit, but the table’s reaction to the bacon flatbread put it the fungal version to shame. I may have overreacted when I said that Rosette’s chicken wings changed the way I think about chicken wings, but I still think it is reasonable to say that they were spectacular.

The momentum shifted downward a bit when the burgers arrived. One drawback concerning large amounts of burgers being ordered at once is that they are often overcooked. It’s a risk inherent to the situation, and one that can only really be remedied by staggering the burgers in preparation and time of service. The Rosette Burgers fell victim to our large order, a problem that has plagued large-scale Burger Adventures before this one. My burger was quite flavorful, and even juicy, but disappointingly lukewarm in temperature. The house pickles, confit tomato, and cheddar cheese were all tasty, and the bun was a real standout. If it wasn’t for the room temperature patty, this would be a hell of a cheeseburger.

It’s not surprising to me that the general word on the street about the Rosette Burger is that it’s fantastic. Go with a small party to Rosette if you want to make sure your burger is stellar. But for the most possible fun in an evening, hitch your wagon to a burger club.

Review By: Brad Garoon