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Ruthy's Bakery

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Ruthy's Bakery

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Address: 75 9th Ave (15th & 16th Sts)
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10011
Phone: (888) 729-8800
Site: Visit the restaurant site
Map: Map
Cuisine: Bakery
2nd Cuisine:
Area: Chelsea
Takeout: Yes


Ever since The Food Network's Ace of Cakes transformed cakes into works of art, nothing in the baking world has ever been the same.  Bakers from around the globe are battling it out in an all out cake war to produce the most eye catching creations, and customers are rushing into their shops to buy them.  I've sort of jumped on this cake decorating band wagon myself.  So when I stumbled on Ruthy's Bakery and Cafe at the Chelsea Market, of course I had to go in and take a look around.
There's nothing really special about the space itself.  In fact, it's a pretty minimalist looking spot with little attention given to design or decor.  Perhaps this effect was intended because when you walk in your eyes are immediately drawn to the little masterpieces within the glass cases.  And within those cases were my favorite characters from Sesame Street, Ernie and Cookie Monster, looking back at me.  Also worth mentioning were an assortment of cupcakes decorated like a field of flowers and a Barbie cake that took me back to childhood.

I wanted to know if the taste of their goods matched up to the presentation so I bought one of the flower cupcakes. (I couldn't imagine biting into the head of my favorite childhood puppet.)  It was moist and delicious and it had a generous amount of frosting on top...YUM!  Ruthy's will also make any cake your heart desires for birthdays and weddings or that special occasion that requires a custom design or picture on top.

I'm not really sure whatever happened to that good old fashioned yellow cake with white or chocolate icing on top, but I'm sure you can still find it here at Ruthy's.  All you have to do is ask.

Review By: Andrea Muller