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Address: 378 Metropolitan Ave (Havemeyer St)
City: Brooklyn, NY
Zip: 11211
Phone: (718) 387-4777
Hours: 10-6 T-F 10-6 Weekend Closed Mondays
Site: Visit the restaurant site
Map: Map
Cuisine: Sandwiches
Area: Williamsburg
Entree Price: <$10


Sometimes keeping things simple really pays off.  That’s how I felt when I ate at Saltie, a small sandwich shop in Williamsburg (Metropolitan & Havemeyer).  They create really unique sandwiches without going overboard with weird ingredients.

I like how the place had a very Euro-vibe when I walked in, and I liked the creative sandwich fixings.  The ‘Fisherman’s Daughter’ was a good sandwich, combing sardines, parsley, and fennel.  I also really enjoyed the ‘Spanish Armada,’ a Spanish tortilla between slices of homemade focaccia bread with pimento aioli. For vegetarians, the ‘Clean Slate’($9) is an open-faced sandwich on house-made naan with lentil hummus, quinoa and pickled vegetables, garnished with olive oil and sesame seeds.  Another highlight on the menu is the ever-popular ‘Scuttlebutt,’ a conglomeration of pickled eggs, feta cheese, focaccia, pickled vegetables, capers, and chipotle mayo. The mortadella and pecorino cheeses on the ‘Little Chef’ are delicious.  Everything is made from quality ingredients, which makes the price worth it.  ($9-11.)  Look for the daily soup, and don’t miss out on the desserts, either.  The chocolate bread pudding and salted carmel ice cream are amazing!

The owners are friendly, work fast, and each sandwich is crafted with artistry.  There isn’t much seating, but you can get a nice view of passers-by if you can sit at one of the stools by the window.  To avoid ending up with a soggy sandwich, I would recommend eating your order on the spot rather than taking it out.  They have good taste in music, so that’s reason enough to dine in.  I wasn’t sure what to do with my plate after eating, since there is no garbage area, so I left it on the counter.  (That’s how small the place is.)  Saltie provides a fix for that ephemeral yet urgent craving for a good, filling sandwich.

Review By: Sara Bartley