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Shake Shack Madison Square Park

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Shake Shack Madison Square Park

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Address: 23rd St and Broadway
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10010
Phone: 212-889-6600
Site: Visit the restaurant site
Map: Map
Cuisine: Burgers
2nd Cuisine: Family Friendly
Area: Flatiron District
Entree Price: <$10


It sounds like a song from the B-52's, and in some ways the Shake Shack, in Madison Square Park, is shaking things up in the food world. A cross between an old Dairy Queen and 50's drive-in diner (without the cars or gals on roller skates) this shack is serving up some gourmet grub. Burgers that actually look like burgers, hot dogs knee deep in accessories and ice cream sundaes topped with real whipped cream.

I must say I felt a bit like a traitor as I ordered my Chicago Dog (didn't anyone tell them they're in New York). It was topped with loads of diced and pickled onions, hot peppers, fresh lettuce and tomato.. Oh, and a weiner at the bottom. It's a far cry from the dirty water dogs New Yorkers are used and quite a handful and a steal at $2.50. As Martha might say, "it's a good thing." Faithful New Yorkers can order the Taxi Dog, complete with sauerkraut and sauteed onions.

The burgers are simply fantastic. The Shack Burger ($3.95) appeared to be hand-pressed, (It's about time someone shattered that mold.) crisp around the edges with lots of melted cheese and lettuce and tomato. D-e-e-e-e-licious! I literally scoffed it down in about two seconds. I also committed another sin. I gave a few crumbs to a pigeon I befriended in the park.

But that's what really makes the Shake Shack so great. Your outdoors. Parents can enjoy their kids. Workers can catch a break from the grind. It's like a picnic in the city, complete with skeeters.

So, shake it on over to the Shake Shack because before you know it summer will be gone.

Review By: Thomas Rafael