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Spike Hill

This restaurant is closed!

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Spike Hill

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Address: 184 Bedford Ave
City: Brooklyn, NY
Zip: 11211
Phone: (718) 218-9737
Site: Visit the restaurant site
Map: Map
Cuisine: Irish
2nd Cuisine: Fish 'n Chips
Area: Williamsburg
Entree Price: $10-15


The highlight of dining at SpikeHill is the live music, which happens every night.  The shows are almost always free, with as many as six bands, which makes for a fun backdrop to enjoy your meal.  Along with what seems like an endless stream of new talent, SpikeHill showcases a seemingly endless list of single malts.  Check out the variety:  Don’t see the specialty whisky you were looking for?  Just ask one of the bartenders and they’ll probably be able to drum up the obscure name you’re looking for.  The same goes for their beer selection from around the world.  Located on the main Bedford Ave. strip, just steps from the L train (Bedford & N. 7th) SpikeHill is always brimming with a lively crowd.  

They serve Americana style dinner, brunch and desserts, and their generous servings will be sure to leave you satisfied.  Their Pulled Pork sandwich ($8.75) provides a heavy dose of southern comfort, as do the Jack Daniels BBQ Ribs.  Beware: they create a drippy mess on your fingers, but are well worth the $12.75 price (served with fries, coleslaw and cornbread).  In the same trend, you can order a Guinness Beef Stew ($10.75) to wrap your love of beer and hearty stew into one perfect package.  The highlight of the menu is the Fish and Chips with Panko Crusted Pollack ($11.75), which seems to be a vast favorite.  For sides, enjoy some down-home baked beans or garlic mashed potatoes ($3.75).

The brunch menu boasts similar plates in smaller servings, with breakfast burritos and breakfast burgers to boot ($9.75-$11.75), making this a good spot for the late night crowd to fill up the next morning.  Though they do have a wide range of meat dishes, they also make it a point to provide a separate vegetarian menu, which includes frittatas, veggie burgers and a delicious gooey mac & cheese ($9.75.)  Though the brunch is good, it is best to eat at SpikeHill in the evenings and enjoy the music, which usually starts at 8pm.  Check out their Wednesday night open mic night for an array of more unusual performances that just may bring a pleasant surprise, or check out their website to check upcoming performances.

Review By: Sara Bartley