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Address: 156 East Second St (near Ave A)
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10009
Phone: (212) 477-7600
Site: Visit the restaurant site
Map: Map
Cuisine: Italian
Area: East Village
Entree Price: $15-20
Payment: Cash only


What do a methadone clinic, a psychic parlor, and Chase ATMs have in common? Well, they all neighbor Supper, a restaurant that bustles with a steady flow of diners who know their gluttony will not be disappointed.

The menu has much to be explored. I ordered the Toscana liver pâté crostini, which was a heady spread of sweet, sinfully rich chicken organ. It felt 80% right, but 20% queasily wrong. My friend ordered the bruschetta, which had garlic bulbs that melted in your mouth, dripping with olive oil. I’ve never consumed so much garlic so willingly – but combined with the liver pâté, the heaviness took away from the mains.

I followed up with the Priest Stranglers, a vivid phrase that I’m glad Supper helped realize in a tasty and non-creepy way. The firm, tubular pasta was the best element of this dish, seconded by the creamy ricotta cheese. My friend chose the Bolognese tagliatelle, which he ate with a lack of conversation one generally associates with satisfaction.  We meandered through the pasta, mostly due to the crostini carbs.

With rosé and cups of espresso, this meal ran to about fifty dollars per person. A subsequent visit netted a similar bill. That time around, I tried the baby veal meatballs—tender, savory, and an excellent antipasto for two to share. Also, the lemon spaghetti provided a light, citric solution to overindulging on appetizers.

Outside, the tables are packed tightly, so expect to get to know your fellow diners. I would recommend suppering inside Supper. Sitting at the bar works just as well as at a table. The slight sacrifice of privacy is rewarded with a direct view of the tiny kitchen and its 1-2 cooks. The front dining room feels intimate rather than confining. The ornately framed mirrors create space, while the brick walls, coffered ceiling, and glittering chandelier lighting breathe a muted warmth into the room. Take a break here from the streets of the lower east side. Just don’t order too much.

Review By: Eric Wang