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Tompkins Square Bagels

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Tompkins Square Bagels

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Address: 165 Ave A
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10009
Phone: (646) 351-6520
7am to 8pm Daily

Site: Visit the restaurant site
Map: Map
Cuisine: Bagels
2nd Cuisine: Coffee Shops
Area: East Village
Takeout: Yes
Delivery: Yes
Payment: Cash only


If you are looking for one of the biggest bagel sandwiches that you will ever eat in your life, look no further than Tompkins Square Bagels in the East Village. Upon entering Tompkins Square Bagels, the three employees who were eagerly awaiting customers and greeting them with a smile and a warm “hello” as they walked through the doors pleasantly surprised me. The space inside Tompkins Square Bagels is big for New York standards and has plenty of seating due to the very large dining room style table that encompasses the majority of the back area.

Impressed with all of the bagel, cream cheese and sandwich options, I scoured the chalkboard with all of the menu options plastered on it for the perfect breakfast. I decided to go with a veggie burger (not really a breakfast sandwich I know). Unfortunately, they were out of veggie burgers. The man behind the counter who broke the news to me suggested that I try the chipotle chicken salad sandwich, so I decided to go with that on an onion bagel.

It was not too busy so my humongous bagel came rather quickly. The friendly woman who rang me up must have known that it was my first time there so she jokingly challenged me to finish my bagel in one sitting. I accepted and sat down to realize that there was no way that I would ever finish this bagel sandwich.  The warm, fresh onion bagel packed with tasty chipotle chicken salad was easily one of the biggest sandwiches that I have ever eaten in my life. I devoured half and saved the rest for later.

I have a new bagel spot to go to whenever I am in the East Village. If you have not yet tried Tompkins Square Bagels, it is definitely worth a trip.

Review By: David Nazario