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sushi AMANE

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sushi AMANE

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Address: 245 East 44th St
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10017
Phone: 212-986-5300
Site: Visit the restaurant site
Map: Map
Cuisine: Sushi
2nd Cuisine: Japanese
Area: East 40s


Concealed within MIFUNE’s subterranean dining room lies a hidden treasure: sushi AMANE, an intimate eight-seat omakase bar, which was awarded one Michelin star two years in a row and ranked the number one sushi and 13th best overall restaurant on the OAD Top 100 North America List, is helmed by sushi savant Shion Uino. Shion comes to New York from Sushi Saito, the world-renowned three Michelin-starred sushi restaurant in Tokyo, Japan.

Shion’s technique is defined by limited intervention with the finest ingredients, and perfectly seasoned rice. He sources from the Tsukiji market in Japan, and locally, taking every variable into account down to where and when the fish was caught. He has a special refrigerator at AMANE for aging fish to achieve specific flavor profiles, a technique for which he is known. The experience (usually around 20 courses) begins with a series of “appetizers,” or small composed plates, each a breathtaking exercise in simplicity and depth of flavor; a tasting of three uni varieties (based on what’s in season) presented on hand-crafted ceramic allows guests to discern the subtle differences in taste and texture; grilled Pen-Shell clam is wrapped in the highest-grade Japanese nori and Hokkaido hairy crab meat is pulled, lightly dressed and presented in its own shell, to name a few. After an intermission of salt grilled Tile fish, the nigiri courses commence. Precision cuts of otoro, aji (horse mackerel), gizzard shad, conger eel and more arrive on modest mounds of rice, allowing the flavors of the fish to remain the focus. The experience concludes with clam-infused miso soup and slightly sweet tamago (egg omelette).

- sushi AMANE