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Photo: 8282

Contact Info:

Address: 84 Stanton Street
City: New York, NY
Zip: 01000
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Phone: (929) 837-0360
Website: https://www.eightwoeightwo.com/
Hours: Wed, Thurs, Sun - 5:30pm-10:30pm Fri & Sat - 5:30pm-11:30pm

Food Info:

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Cuisine: Korean


Located on the Lower East Side, 8282 focuses on serving playful yet elevated modern Korean cuisine designed to be shared. The restaurant is owned by Chef Bong Le Jo (Perry Street, Dovetail, and Kissaki), and his partner Jee Kim, who previously owned Pado. Named for South Korea’s area code +82, and a phrase that when translated means “quickly” as a testament to their “get-it-done” attitude, the affianced couple devised the restaurant to keep up with culinary trends in Seoul, tweaking them with a New York lens.  To help in this mission and retain the cuisine’s authenticity, Kim makes frequent trips to Seoul.

The menu is divided into two categories: small plates called Anju, which means food you eat with alcohol in Korean, and larger shared plates named Banju, meaning alcohol paired with good food. To compliment the appropriately named menu sections, Jo and Kim have launched a premium Soju and cocktail program.

Menu hightlights include imaginative dishes include Spring Pea Crudo with aged yellowtail hiramasa crudo with lemon yuzu vinaigrette topped with soy pickled pepper, yuzu kosho, sugar snap peas and pea puree; Boneless K.F.C., exceedingly tender fried chicken thighs tossed in a Korean soy garlic sauce, served with pickled radish noodles that is a nod to Jo and Kim’s shared history as the couple met while working together at BOKA; and L.A. Iberico Pork Galbi, grilled soy-marinated Iberico with ssamjang and roasted broccolini with red pepper vinaigrette developed in homage to an adaption of Galbi created by Korean emigrees in Los Angeles. For dessert there is Peanut Butter Pie, a creamy peanut butter custard and chocolate pie filling on a graham cracker crust.

To create a cocktail program that shares flavor notes with their food, Jo and Kim enlisted the help of mixologist Kate Savage. Collaborative creations include the Yuja Pear Tequila Perilla, a citrus splash of yuja & pear, tequila, lime, garnished with perilla & perilla oil; and the Miss Mija-O, Korean Omjia berry, vodka, Hwayo, lemon, garnished with omija berries.  

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