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Menu: Bierhaus

Phone: (646) 580-2437

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    * Bierhaus Pretzel – Haus (large) or Regular Pretzel-both are soft dough. Served with your choice of mustard, sweet or hot. $9/$4

    * Bier Cheese – 3 of our Regular soft dough Pretzels and Homemade Bier Cheese Spread. $15

    * Potato Pancakes – Potato and onion mix,  sauteed to a crisp served with apple horseradish sauce. $9

    * Sauerkraut Balls – Lightly battered golden fried sauerkraut and ham. Served with sweet Bavarian mustard. $9

    * Bierhaus Cheese Platter – A selection of Bavarian Cheeses served on a platter. $15

    * Brotzeit Platter – A selection of cold cuts, smoked meats and sausage served cold on a platter. $18

    * Gravlax – Salmon Fillet marinated in a dill cure. Sliced thinly and served with a honey mustard. $15

    * Smoked Trout Fillet – Smoked Trout Fillet served cold with a creamed horseradish sauce and Cucumber Salad. $10

    * Roasted Bratwurst Plate – Roasted Bratwurst with Sauteed onions and potato salad. $12

    * Wilhelm Sampler Platter – Potato Pancakes, Sauerkraut Balls, Wieners, Regular Soft Dough Pretzels, Red Cabbage and Potato Salad. Serves 6-8 people.


    * Goulash – Tender pieces of beef marinated in a broth of paprika, onions, celery, carrots and potato. $8.50
    * Split Pea – All vegetarian split pea soup served with croutons. $7
   * Potato Leek – Creamy leek and potato soup garnish with chives. $7


    * Cucumber Salad – Cucumbers marinated in olive oil, white vinegar and garlic. Topped with dill, sliced tomato and our Homemade Sour Cream. $7

    * Alpine Salad – Smoked black forest ham with wild rocket leaves, baby endive, red onion, toasted walnuts sweet lemon dressing topped with shaved swiss cheese. $12

    * Pear Endive – Sliced winter pears, endive, walnuts, and blue cheese. Served with a sweet pear dressing. $12

    * Grilled Portobello Salad – Grilled Portobello Mushrooms served with Spring mix, nicoise olives and balsamic vinaigrette. $13

    * Bavarian Beef Salad (Entree) – Thin sliced tender beef served with onions, bell peppers, and tomato. Marinated in a mustard vinegar dressing. Served with potato salad and hard boiled egg. $15

    * Beet Salad ( Side Salad) – Roasted red beets served in a horseradish, olive oil, and white vinegar sauce. Garnished with apple slices. $6

SANDWICHES  - All Sandwiches and Burgers served on a Kaiser Roll with fries and a dill pickle.

    * Pork Schnitzel Sandwich –  Breaded fried pork filet served with romaine lettuce, tomato, and herb mayonnaise. $13
    * Fried Codfish Sandwich – Breaded fried cod filet served with Romaine lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce. $14

    * Bratwurst And Pepper Sandwich – Bratwurst with roasted bell peppers, sauteed onions served with sweet mustard. $11

    * Bierhaus Grilled Chicken Sandwich – Grilled chicken breast topped with melted Swiss cheese, apple-wood smoked bacon and red onions. ketchup and mustard served on the side. $13


Bierhaus Burger- 10 oz grilled sirloin topped with romaine lettuce, apple-wood smoked

bacon, tomato, our homemade bier cheese and fried onions. Mustard and ketchup are served on the side. $15
WURST – All Sausage is served with potato salad, sauerkraut, and your choice of mustard.

    * Bratwurst – Roasted $13

    * Weisswurst – Boiled $13
    * Bauernwurst -Grilled $14
    * Käsekrainer- Roasted $13
    * Andouille – Grilled $14
    * Nüernberger – Roasted $13
    * Wiener – Grilled  $13
    * Wurst Sampler – Bratwurst, Käsekrainer, Andouille, and Bauernwurst Served with Potato Salad, Sauerkraut, Red Cabbage and your choice of mustard. $24


    * Pork Shank – Slow roasted pork shank served with  cracklings, sauerkraut, zucchini, bell peppers, onions, garlic, thyme,parsley and potato salad. Suggested for two. $31

    * Wienerschnitzel – Breaded pork fillet, fried and served with potato salad Red cabbage and cucumber salad. $18

    * Jägerschnitzel – Breaded pork fillet, fried and topped with a burgundy wine mushroom bacon sauce served with potato salad Red cabbage and cucumber salad. $20 ala Holstein $21

    * Fried Cod Schnitzel – Breaded cod filet fried and served with vegetables of the day cucumber salad and tartar sauce. $19

    * Three Layer Sauteed Salmon – Sauteed peppered salmon, layered with puff pastry and sauteed spinach in a citrus tarragon sauce. $21

    * Sauerbraten – Slow braised beef marinated in wine and vinegar, Served with red cabbage mashed potato and fried onions. $22

    * Roast Chicken – Half chicken herb roasted with roasted zucchini ,bell peppers, onion, garlic, parsley and thyme served with our Homemade Spätzle. $16

    * Pork Lyonnaise – Thinly sliced pork with sauteed onions in a marjoram herb jus. Served with buttered egg noodles. $

    * Bavarian Beef Salad – Thin slice tender beef with onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes. Marinated in a mustard vinegar dressing served with a hard boiled egg and potato salad. $15

    * Fried Celery Root – Fried breaded celery root, cucumber salad, potato salad, and vegetables of the day with a tangy tartar sauce. $16


    * Cucumber Salad $4
    * Potato Salad $4
    * Mashed Potato $4
    * Braised Red Cabbage $4
    * Sauerkraut $3
    * Beet Salad $4
    * Fried Egg $4
    * Spätzle $4
    * Fries $4
    * Apple Sauce $2

DESSERT – Add a la mode to any dessert for $1.75.

    * Bavarian cream – A Bavarian cream custard served in a crisp pastry shell. Topped with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar. $8
    * Black Forest Cake – Traditional layered chocolate cake with sweet cream sour cherries and Kirschwasser (Cherry Brandy). $8

    * Apple Strudel – Sliced apples, walnuts, cinnamon, sugar , lemon juice , butter and bread crumbs wrapped in a filo dough and baked. $8

    * Apricot Crepe – Thin pasty rolled and stuffed with apricot puree, cooked and topped with powdered sugar and Homemade whip cream. $8

    * Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe – Thin pastry rolled and stuffed with hazelnut puree, cooked and topped with powdered sugar, Chocolate sauce and our Homemade whip cream. $8

    * Vanilla Sundae – Vanilla ice cream served with caramel and chocolate sauce, Homemade whipped cream and topped with a cherry. $8


PLEASE NOTE: All menu items and prices are subject to change.