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Menu: Chez Napoleon

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LES HORS D'ŒUVRES FROIDS   Salad de Mesclun  (A medley of nine different lettuces with house Vinaigrette) 6. Salad de Concombre  (Thin slices of cucumber topped with house Vinaigrette) 6. Melon en Saison  (Slice of fresh seasonal melon) 6. Tomates et Anchoies  (Slices of fresh tomato, anchovies and house Vinaigrette) 7. Paté Maison  (Homemade country style pork and duck liver paté) 7. Rillettes de Canard  (Homemade Shredded duck spread) 7. Saucisson Sec  (Thin slices of dry salami) 7. Poireaux Vinaigrette  (Cold leeks topped with house Vinaigrette) 8. Endive Vinaigrette  (A whole endive, sliced and topped with house Vinaigrette) 8. Celeri Remoulade  (Shredded fresh celery root, with remoulade dressing) 8. Artichaud Vinaigrette  (Whole artichoke served with house Vinaigrette) 8. Asperges Vinaigrette  (Cold asparagus spears served with house Vinaigrette) 8. Little Neck Clams  (Six raw clams served with homemade cocktail sauce) 9. Saumon Fumé  (Slices of smoked salmon served with capers and diced onions) 10. Foie Gras  (Cold goose liver served with a glass of Sauternes Wine)  25. LES HORS D'ŒUVRES CHAUD  

Soupe du Jour  (Ask your waitress for the soup of the day) 6. Moules “Napoléon”  (Baked mussels with garlic butter and bread crumbs) 7. Escargots de Bourgogne  (Six snails cooked in garlic butter, the classical style) 7. Soupe a L’Oignon Gratinée  (Classic French onion soup, with melted cheese) 7. Saucisson Chaud  (Garlic sausage served with warm potatoes Vinaigrette) 9. Baked Clams “Josephine”  (Six little neck clams baked on the half shell) 10. Coquille St. Jacques  (Sea scallops in a cream sauce, topped with melted cheese)  15. 

LES ENTREES   Broiled Cornish Hen (A whole butterflied cornish hen) 18. Coq au Vin (Half chicken cooked in a dark red wine sauce) 18. Bœuf Bourguignon (Classic beef stew with carrots, mushrooms and baby onions) 19. Rognons Dijonnaise (Veal kidneys in a mild mustard sauce over rice) 19. Cervelle de Veau (Calf’s brain prepared in black butter and capers) 19. Moules Marinières (Whole mussels steamed in a light cream sauce) 19. Tripes à la Niçoise (Shredded beef tripes in a provinçale tomato sauce) 20. Lapin “Marguerite” (Rabbit served in a light mustard and white wine sauce) 20. Foie de Veau (Calf's liver prepared meuniére or Lyonnaise with sautéed onions) 20. Cuisses de Grenouilles (Traditional Frog legs sautéed in garlic butter) 20. Canard à L’Orange (Half duck served with orange glaze and wild rice) 21. Choucroute Garnie (Alsatian sauerkraut garnished with pork cuts and sausage) 21. Ris de Veau (Veal sweetbreads (thymus gland) prepared meuniére or with mushroom sauce) 21. Filet de Sole (Prepared meuniére (butter & lemon) or with almonds) 21.

Veau Forestière (Veal scaloppini served in a light mushroom sauce) 22.

Civet de Sanglier (A hearty Wild Boar stew cooked in a dark red wine sauce) 22.

Confit de Canard (Very tender half Duck slowly cooked in its own juices) 23.

Steak Grillé (A plain cut of grilled sirloin steak served with French fries) 23.

Crevettes Marseillaise (Shrimps in a unique tomato and tarragon sauce, with rice) 24.

Cassoulet (White bean stew with Duck, Lamb, Pork cuts and garlic sausage) 24.

Steak à la Guillaume (Sirlion cut with grilled onions and melted blue cheese) 24.

Steak au Poivre (Sirlion cut with choice of black or green peppercorn sauce) 25.

Steak de Venaison (Seasonal Venison steak served with green peppercorn sauce) 25.

Carré D’Agneau (Prime Rack of Lamb served with green beans and jus on the side) 28.

Bouillabaisse (Now served everyday!) (The traditional French Provincial fish soup event. Complete with five different fish cuts, mussels, clams and a half lobster. Served with Aïoli and Rouille over garlic croutons) (One Bouillabaisse ordered split for two customers will carry an additional $6.00 charge) 30.

Chez Napoleon

PLEASE NOTE: All menu items and prices are subject to change.