Ichiran Ramen Times Square


Photo: Ichiran

Ichiran Ramen Times Square

Photo: Ichiran

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Address: 152 W 49th St
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10019
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Website: https://www.ichiranusa.com/

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Cuisine: Noodle Shops/Bars


How would you like to escape the outside world in the heart of Times Square. At Ichiran Ramen eating in isolation is welcomed. Diners slip behind a red curtain to find rows of small cubicles, each with its own bamboo curtain. The curtain rises and someone on the staff, there face partially hidddn, asks if you have any questions bdfore handing you an order form. You can choose from several types of ramen and add-ons. The classic tonkotsu ramen with house-made noodles and pork-bone broth is a good place to start.  A few minutes later the curtain rises again and a piping hot bowl appears and is carefully placed before you as the server takes a bow, leaving you in solitude to enjoy your steamy bowl of ramen.  But while most diners take the “no talking” signs serious, others, mostly tourists, can be heard carrying on conversations when they drop the divider. My advice is to find another booth and slurp until your heart desires  - and “Go Yukkuri Douzo” -  please take your time!

- Thomas Rafael