La Chacra


La Chacra


Contact Info:

Address: 1928 Bath Ave (Bay 22 St)
City: Brooklyn, NY
Zip: 11214
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Phone: (718) 395-3138

Food Info:

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Cuisine: Peruvian
Takeout: Yes
Delivery: Yes
Payment: Accepts Credit Cards

Cititour Review:

A true taste of Peru awaits on a sleepy street in Bath Beach, Beach. This welcoming spot is known for its Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken and seafood served in a family-friendly atmosphere. Start with the anticuchos. The marinated veal heart is grilled on skewers and served with sweet potatos and Peruvian corn. My Peruvian friends say it is as authentic as it gets. Other traditional starters include Salchipapa (sliced hot dog with fries), Papa Rellena (a potato croquette suffed with meat and olives), and Papa a La Huancaina (steamed potatoes topped with a creamy Aji Amrillo sauce). The rotisserie chicken is also very popular. You can get it by the quarter, half or whole chicken. Ours was moist and juicy. It arrives with a creamy green sauce that is the real deal. 

La Chacra is also known for its seafood, dishes like Ceviche Mixto, seafood marinated in lime juice and served with toasted Peruvian corn, red onion and sweet potato. Then there is Jalea, a pile of fried seafood including clams, shrimps and squid served with yucca and marinated red onions.  Lomos Saltado, a stir fry of sauteed steak, french fries onions and tomatoes is also classic Peruvian plate. We opted for the Entrana a Lo Pobre, a perfectly prepared skirt steak served rare with fried sweet bananas, fries and rice topped with a fried egg.  It's excellent. 

At this point, we were stuffed. But couldn't resist trying at least one dessert.  La Chacra makes several, including Tres Leches and flan. We opted for the Torta Helada, a fun dessert made with strawberry Jello, yellow cake and peach slices.  Picarones, Peruvian donuts made with squash and sweet potato are also available on special occasions. Check ahead.

Peruvian beers, like Cusquena and Crystal, are also sold here, along with Chica Morado, a traditional drink made from purple corn.  If I had just one thing to say a about La Chacra, go hungry. The heaping portions, and relatively tame prices, make for a true Peruvian feast.


Review By: Thomas Rafael