Little Alley



Little Alley


Contact Info:

Address: 550 3rd Ave (37th St)
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10016
map: View the Map
Phone: Phone number (646) 9

Food Info:

Menu: View the Menu
Cuisine: Shanghai-style
2nd Cuisine: Dim Sum
Takeout: Yes
Delivery: Yes
Payment: Accepts Credit Cards


Little Alley is bringing a taste of Shanghai to the streets of New York City. Named after the interconnecting alleyways of Shanghai, or "long tang," the restaurant is offering a carefully crafted menu of soup dumplings, potstickers, sweet & sour ribs, and smoked carp. We stopped in for some Crab Soup Dumplings, wonderfully plump and juicy. The first bite brings a hint of crab followed by a burst of seafood broth and BOOM you're hooked. The pork soup dumplings are equally as good with hints of ginger, oyster and sesame oil. Larger plates include Sautéed Corn with Baby Shrimp, Dong Po Pork (pork belly with broccoli and scallion), Mongolian Beef, Chicken with Hot Chili, and Taro with Salted Duck Egg. Little Alley has a lot to offer.

- Thomas Rafael