Photo: Lolita


Photo: Lolita

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Address: 45 West 45th St
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10036
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Phone: (212)-389-0050

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Cuisine: Bar Food
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Lolita is turning its attention to agave and distilled spirits made from sugarcane. Beverage Director Marshall Minaya and head bartender Carlos Kennedy-Lopez are showcasing the tropical and savory notes of selected tequilas, mezcals and rums paired with a shareable, Mexican-centric menu in a vibrant space.

More than 120 different spirits are offered as part of a global journey. Many are crafted by artisanal makers, 100% additive free, so drinkers can savor the distinct notes of each spirit’s region.

If you’re tempted by a Paloma or Mai-Tai, don’t let the familiar names fool you. Each of the “Favorites” offers unique, elevated twists that stand out from an everyday version - whether it's the force-carbonated grapefruit essence that mimics Mexican soda in the Paloma, or the house-made roasted almond orgeat syrup for the Mai-Tai.

For a taste of the tropics, try a Negroni Tropical, a mix of mezcal, a banana-washed blend of two rums, Campari, vermouth and pineapple tincture that refreshes with notes of Caribbean fruit and spice. The smoky Pico De Gallo Martini offers a twist on the classic built with Mexican gin (distilled from spent agave used in Mezcal making), vermouth and sherry combined with clarified pico de gallo water and a hint of pico caviar, adding a touch of salinity to the mix.

Shareable dishes and snacks include plantain or shrimp empanadas, short-rib sopas and seafood such as Ahi tuna tostadas and roasted oysters. Lolita’s tacos - Baja fish, al pastor, or carnitas - are perfect for a casual meal while heartier options include carne asada and pollo with a mole de Doña Juana sauce.