Omakase Room by Mitsu


Photo: Melissa Hom

Omakase Room by Mitsu

Photo: Melissa Hom

Contact Info:

Address: 14 Christopher St (Gay St)
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10014
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Phone: (212) 367-2067

Food Info:

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Chef: Mitsunori Isoda
Cuisine: Japanese
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Omakase Room by Mitsu is an intimate experience of Japanese sushi tradition, crafted and hand-served by Chef Mitsunori Isoda, who creates a 14-course omakase.

The dining experience at Omakase Room by Mitsu is built around a relationship of trust and spontaneity between the Chef and each diner. Chef Mitsu genuinely welcomes each guest with a conversation about their preferences and curiosities, then presents them with a freshly made hand roll to begin the meal.

Merging long tradition and 30 years of culinary experience, Chef Mitsu’s style represents an evolved authenticity. He brings the century-old practices from his hometown of Osaka - where he founded and operated a kaiseki-style restaurant for 10 years - to the warm and inviting atmosphere of Omakase Room. The room is a serene subterranean space evoking Japanese minimalist traditions, nestled amongst the busy hum of West Village. The walls are covered in soft floor-to-ceiling bamboo surfaces, and an 8-seat hinoki wood bar wraps around the kitchen where Chef Mitsu works.