Pulkies at Gotham West Market


Photo: Pulkies

Pulkies at Gotham West Market

Photo: Pulkies

Contact Info:

Address: 600 11th Avenue
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10036
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Website: https://www.pulkies.com/

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Cuisine: Barbecue
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Pulkies, the Modern Jewish concept from Chef Harris Mayer (owner and founder of Creamline), is now open at Gotham West Market.  The new concept playfully combines Mayer’s homage to his Jewish heritage and his love of New York City, along with the flavors and spirit of American barbecue.

Derived from the Yiddish word pulke, which means “poultry leg” or “drumstick,” as well as an affectionate term for chubby baby legs, Pulkies is centered around the deliciousness of turkey, the great all-American bird, and offers a variety of sandwiches, in addition to other beloved comfort food classics. The menu is exclusively available via local delivery and takeout from Creamline in Gotham West Market.

Pulkies’ offerings center around a variety of sandwiches, including its signature I Can’t Believe It’s Not Pork, with pulled turkey legs, coleslaw, Pulkies BBQ sauce, and coleslaw, served on a potato bun; The High Holiday, with chopped Rosenkrans Farm brisket, roasted carrots and onions, and red-horseradish dressing; and The Claire Bear, a nod to Mayer’s wife, cookbook author and culinary personality Claire Saffitz, who calls this her favorite sandwich on the menu,. It combines turkey salad with walnuts and cranberries, and pickled onions. Then there is the Thanksgiving Everyday, made with spice-crusted turkey breast, Manischewitz-cranberry sauce, and mayo-mustard.

Vegan and vegetarian options are also available, including The Sloppy Joseph made with chickpea chili, caramelized cauliflower, and potato crunchies on a sesame bun; and the Tea Fillin’ Sandwich, a heartier spin on tea sandwiches made with New York pimento cheese schmear and cucumber salad.

There is also a section of the menu dedicated to NYC’s love of hot dogs. They include the Straight Up, a Hebrew National all-beef hot dog, as well as creative riffs like the Street Cart of Desire loaded with sauerkraut and BBQ street onions, K-Town with housemade kimchi sauerkraut and Kewpie mayo, and Chili Cheese Dog with pimento cheese, brisket chili, and potato crunchies.

Pulkies also serves their takes on barbecue sides, such as Mac & Cheese Kugel made from baked egg noodles, cheddar cheese, and matzo chip crust; Kasha-Pasta Salad, with buckwheat, bow-tie pasta, whole grain mustard, and Kewpie mayo; Chickpea Cauliflower Chili with caramelized cauliflower and tomato; and Honey Butter Cornbread with Catskill Provisions honey, Ronnybrook salted butter, and Farmer Ground cornmeal.

For dessert, Pulkies offers Cinnamon Babka Bread Pudding with brown butter toffee sauce, and additional snacks include NY Pimento Cheese Dip with everything bagel seasoning; Fried Mini Matzo Balls with apple-walnut relish, and “Chopped” Liver Schmear served with concord grape jelly and schmaltz.

Pulkies is exclusively available for delivery and takeout at Creamline Gotham West Market [600 11th Avenue] from Monday through Sunday, 11 AM–7 PM. For more information, visit www.pulkies.com