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Menu: @SQC

Phone: (212) 579-0100

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Celebration Cocktail 11

Appletini 10


Petite Greens with Beefsteak Tomatoes & Dijon Vinaigrette 11

Roasted Squash & Coconut Soup with Cocoa Toasted Cashews 9

Crisp Calamari with Cilantro Lemon Grass Dipping Sauce 10

She Crab Soup with Lumpmeat Crab 11

Manilla Clams on the Half Shell with Shiso, Wasabi Tobiko & Green Tea Dipping Sauce 12

Forest Greens with Pastachios, Chocolate Nibs, Mango & Balsamic Vinaigrette 12

Avacado & Shaved Baby Artichokes with Parmesan Reggiano 13

Endive Salad with Roasted Walnuts, Roquefort & Granny Smith Apple 11


Chocolate BBQ Spareribs 11

Devils on Horseback, Roasted Glazed Pumpkin & Cabernet Sauvingnon Reduction 16

Flash Fried Blue Island Oysters with Asian Cucumber Salad & Wasabi Tobiko 15

Crab Croquettes with Chocolate Infused Chipotle Sauce & Pineapple-jicama Salad 19

Maryland Jumbo Lump Crab Meat with Sesame Soy Emulsion 20

East Coast Selection of Oysters - Malpeque (pel), Belon (me) & Blue Island (ny) 15

Divers' Dozen Selection of Oysters - $8

supp. with Prixe Fixe 27

Terrine of Foie Gras with House Cured Duck Prosciutto & Roasted Pear 18


Pan Seared Chicken with Mole, Roasted Butternut Squash & Smoked Cheddar Fondue 24

Grilled Duck Breast with Confit & Blackberries Jus 26

Tenderlion of Pork with Chinese Five Spice Pulled Pork Salad, Fingerling Potatoes 24

rilled Market Fish of the Day with Bok Choy, Asian Walnuts & Garlic Chips 25

Steak Frites with Sauce Au Poivre 29

Ode to Venison Tournedos, Mashed Butternut Squash & Poached Pear with Pinot Noir 28

Miso Cod with Asparagus & Soy Beans Finished with Lemon-soy Vinaigrette 24

SQC Prixe Fixe
includes one from each:
Cocktails, Tastes, Intermediares & Grands, Desserts & Coffee & Tea Service, $65

Scott Campbell, Owner Chef

*All items and prices are subject to change


PLEASE NOTE: All menu items and prices are subject to change.