Sobre Masa Tortilleria


Photo: Melissa Hom

Sobre Masa Tortilleria

Photo: Melissa Hom

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Address: 52 Harrison Pl
City: Brooklyn, NY
Zip: 11237
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Cuisine: Mexican


Zack Wangeman, founder and chef behind Sobre Masa, and his wife Diana Wangeman, have opened Sobre Masa Tortilleria in Bushwick. The vibrant space features a tortilla factory that sells fresh, house-made tortillas alongside Mexican groceries and goods, a morning coffee shop with Oaxacan coffee and house-made Mexican pastries, as well as a taqueria with a variety of tacos and cocktails highlighting the spirit of Mexico. The mission is to promote conversation around Mexican culture, the rich history of heirloom corn, the hardworking producers and growers of Mexico, and Zack's home of Oaxaca.

The tortilleria uses a rotating selection of over a dozen varieties of heirloom corn from Mexico to make fresh tortillas daily. The menu centers around a selection of traditional tacos such as Al Pastor with heritage pork marinated in house-made pineapple vinegar; Bistec with thinly sliced grass-fed beef short rib; and Cauliflower with morita peppers and garlic mojo. Specialty items include Costra made with crispy Oaxacan cheese on a toasted tortilla.  All tacos are served with a selection of salsas including Aguacate y Limón (avocado, lime, and cilantro), Cruda (tomatillo, serrano peppers, cilantro and garlic), and Morita (chile morita, garlic and tomatillo). Sides include Guacamole, House-made Potato Chips and Chili Fried Peanuts.

Beverage director Gaston Graffigna, previously of Bua and The Winslow, is featuring cocktails highlighting Mexican spirits such as La Pasa with Uruapan rum infused with raisins, Granada Vallet bitters, Amontillado sherry, and sweet vermouth, and In the Clouds with tejuino made from fermented corn, Paranubes rum, Nixta corn liqueur, and dehydrated lime.

The coffee bar and shop overlooks the glass-enclosed kitchen where the tortilla factory processes and presses thousands of tortillas daily. Behind the factory, the space opens up to a 60-seat dining room anchored by a horseshoe-shaped bar beneath a bright skylight. On the ceiling is an installation from Oaxacan artist Francesco Toledo of vibrant, hand-crafted kites.  See more >>