The Brooklyn Market


The Brooklyn Market


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Address: 8102 3rd Ave (81st & 82nd St)
City: Brooklyn, NY
Zip: 11209
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Phone: (718) 567-8600

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Cuisine: Markets


Brooklyn Market is a sprawling food emporium in Bay Bridge, Brooklyn with offerings a step above what you might find at a regular supermarket. When you enter, you are greeted by a huge assortment of cheeses and pates and a sushi counter. Go a bit further and there are appetizing prepared foods behind shiny glass counters. Here you will find things like shrimp salad, lemon salmon, steamed asparagus, stuffed turkey breast, eggplant rollatini and lasagna. In the back, is a full bakery pumping out homemade breads and rolls, an improved fish counter and butcher shop where packaged meats and thicker cuts are sold. The vegetable aisle features fresh fruits and vegetables stacked high like beehives. They are a little pricier than nearby vegetable markets, but well maintained. Gourmet drinks and canned goods are sold along with freshly made raviolis which I've tried and are very creamy. Ice creams go beyond Ben & Jerry's, featuring some artisan brands like Van Leeuwen made in small batches. Perhaps overly ambitious when it first opened, Brooklyn Market recently changed its management and appears to have hit its stride. - Thomas Rafael