Tin Building

Tin Building

Photo: Cititour.com

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Address: 96 South St
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10038
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Phone: (646) 868-6000
Website: https://www.tinbuilding.com/restaurants-and-bars

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Cuisine: Bar Food


When fire destroyed the century old Tin Building at South Street Seaport in 1995, a little bit of New York City’s soul was lost with it. But after 8 years, and the inspiration of Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, the Tin Building has re-emerged like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Walking through the main entrance you are immediately greeted by an immaculate seafood station with fish and seafood that looks as if it’s just been plucked from the ocean. Visitors will also find farm fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as expertly-carved meats.

Walk a short distance to the left and you find yourself in Paris at the T. Brasserie where you can stop in for a cocktail at the bar of share some café seating for some escargot or mussels with frites. Prices are surprisingly tame.  Not too far away is a stations for sweet and savory crepes prepared as you wait, along with dosas.

On the other side of the space is a full service bakery, flower shop and Fulton Fish Co., already a destination for fresh oysters, raw bar and cocktails. Tucked away in a corner is Double Yolk, a design-your-own egg sandwich shop catering to the breakfast crowd.

Also on the ground floor visitors will find Seeds and Weeds, a seasonally driven plant-based restaurant, next to a large marketplace selling all sorts of gourmet treats. including small batch jams from hand-harvested fruits like Strawberry Passion Fruit Rose Petal and Bitter Orange with Chocolate.

Take an escalator ride to the second floor and you are instantly greeted by an open bar, aptly called Bar. To the side is restaurant called The Frenchman’s Dough making pastas and pizzas.

The centerpiece is a mobile made of wooden fish, hundreds of them, dangling from the ceiling like a school of fish on the move. Also on the second floor is a beer bar called “Beer Here” and Taquitos, serving tacos with crispy Gulf flounder, marinated shrimp a la plancha, and more.

Here you will also find the House of the Red Pearl, a clandestine fine dining restaurant serving Chinese-inspired dishes that marry the elegance of Jean-Georges and the flavor of the East. While we were walking around we noticed Jean Georges surveying all the action, like a conductor of an orchestra performing in perfect harmony.  He should be very proud!

For now, the Tin Building is open Thursday through Sunday from 12 noon to 5pm for a limited preview. Extended hours are expected this September.