Photo: Towa


Photo: Towa

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Address: 36 West 26th Street
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10010
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Phone: (646) 351-6258

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Cuisine: Japanese


Towa by HAND Hospitality (the team behind Her Name is Han, Jua, Atomix & others) has arrived in NoMad. The restaurant, led by Chef Masaya Shirai (formerly of Michelin starred Sushi Azabu), is celebrating Japanese kaiseki, a technique-heavy, multi-course Japanese dinner, in a casul yet vibrant setting with an a la carte menu and a curated list of cocktails and sake.

The menu offers several techniques - fried, grilled, raw, and boiled - important elements of Kaiseki cuisine. Towa is also offering a counter-only omakase menu for $100. Dishes include Sakisuke or Appetizers ranging from Umami Tomato (dashi broth marinated tomato with dashi jelly) to Awabi Chawanmushi, and Kanpachi Carpaccio. Agemono or Fried features Truffle Potato Croquette; Sansho Fried Chicken; and Yasai Vegetable Tempura. Yakimono or Grilled selections range from Yaki Gani (grilled king crab served with creamy crab miso sauce) to Wagyu Ishiyaki (DIY steak-grilling platter with A5 wagyu beef and served with wasabi, yuzu kosho, soy sauce, miso), and Toro Shoyu (grilled fatty tuna with soy sauce, fried Japanese taro root, yuzu kosho). Nabemono or Hot Pot includes Sukiyaki Nabe (soy sauce-based clear broth with wagyu slice, tofu & vegetables], and Tantan Nabe (spicy soup with minced chicken, shisho, tofu, sesame seed, shitake, chili pepper, scallion). Diners can also choose from a selection of sashimi and sushi rolls, as well as noodle dishes.

For dessert, there is Pomegranate Shiso Gelato, Sake Kasu Cheesecake, and Hoji Panna Cotta. Cocktails focus on Japanese Whiskey and sake with fresh juices like the B & R Highball made with Japanese whiskey, red pepper infused awamori, club soda, fresh lemon juice, black pepper, and shochu infused red pepper; and D-saketini with okunomatsu sake, sake vermouth, daikon juice, pink pepper, and rosemary.