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Contact Info:

Address: 366 W 52nd St, NYC
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10019
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Phone: (212) 510-7007
Website: https://www.instagram.com/warkopnyc/

Food Info:

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Cuisine: Indonesian


If you are looking for something a little different, we recommends a trip to Warkop in Hell's Kitchen. This small space that is part restaurant and part Indonesian grocery is already in demand for its noodle dishes.

The dish of choice is Indomie Goreng made with thin Indomie noodles (the kind that are freeze dried) served dry (traditional or BBQ) or in soup. The dry has a bit of funk to it topped with fish sauce and crushed dried shrimp compared to the more mainstream BBQ version.  Diners can mix and match various items on ranging from meatballs and corned beef to shrimp, popcorn chicken and/or a fried egg on top. It arrives in a small paper tray ready for slurping.

Other options include jasuke (creamy corn with cheese), corn fritters with sweet and sour sauce, fried tofu and spring rolls. For dessert, there are grilled bananas with Nutella and cheese, a rather odd combination that works.

The space is quite tight so be prepared for a bit of jostling when the restaurant fills up along with some kids in this family friendly and inexpensive spot. Most dishes are around in the 6-to-7 dollar range.