Zing’s Awesome Rice


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Zing’s Awesome Rice

Photo: Cititour.com

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Address: 122 Ludlow St
City: New York, NY
Zip: 10002
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Phone: (347) 857-7668
Website: http://www.zingsawesomerice.com/

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Cuisine: Chinese
Payment: Accepts Credit Cards

Cititour Review:

What do you get when you mix bacon and fried rice?  Zing's Awesome Rice.  And what this small restaurant lacks in square footage (just one table and a few counter seats) it makes up for in flavor.

How do they do it?  After testing more than twenty different types of rice, Zing's says it has found the proven winners - varieties of white, brown and purple rice - that provide what it calls supreme taste and texture.  The rice is also marinated like steak to add flavor to each kernel with a special "super umami" sauce.  It's then seared in pure olive oil to seal in those flavors.

We tried the bacon seared rice made with sushi grade rice, egg, carrot, pepper, egg, celery, and of course, lots of bacon.  The result is salty, crunchy and well worth diving into.  You can also have it spiced up with Cantonese sausage, chicken and smoked tofu.  Zing's also offers soups, salads and skewers of quail eggs and olives.

Just how awesome is Zing's Awesome Rice?  We'll let you be the judge.


Review By: Thomas Rafael

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